Please find below details of the new tax rates and allowances

which are applicable for the year commencing April, 2017.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information

or you wish to discuss any of the tax rates or allowances in more detail.


Capital Allowances - Tax Rates 2017/18

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax rates and bands for 2017/18
On chargeable gains  

Total taxable income and gains:
       Up to higher rate threshold
       From higher rate threshold

Trust rate
*Higher rates (18%/28%) may apply to the disposal of certain residential property and carried interest.
Annual exemption  
- individual £11,300
- most trustees £5,650
Transfers between spouses or civil partners living together are generally exempt.
Chattels exemption  
(proceeds per item or set) £6,000

Entrepreneurs' Relief and Investors' Relief

Qualifying gains will be taxed at 10%. Claims may be made on more than one occasion up to a 'lifetime' total of £10 million.